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I graduated class of '19 from the University of California, San Diego with a BA in Global Health and minor in Inorganic Chemistry.

I am a web and software developer experienced in ecommerce website development. I am a communicative self-starter that excels in small teams as well as individual projects. I have worked on numerous established websites, fixing bugs in the code already in place as well as implementing new code and building web pages from scratch, ensuring that they have responsive design implemented for mobile, tablet, and desktop devices of all sizes.

I transitioned from working in practical healthcare to a career more centered around tech because I learned that while I can appreciate the field of physical therapy, my passions are more aligned with using my creativity to craft things and develop solutions. I am a maker at heart. Whether it’s a mix of all things old to make something new or from somewhere at the very far end of my imagination: I love creating.

Outside of studying and development work, I have varying interests. I dabble in digital art, 3D-modeling and printing with Fusion 360/Blender, and occasionally some for-fun JavaScript projects.

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